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Past Loves of My Life, Part 1: 1975 to 1980, First Loves

In Life, Past Loves, Random on June 30, 2012 by Elle Severe

A recent work discussion regarding ex boyfriends and former lovers led me to examine my own past loves.  Who were those lucky gentlemen? Well, the list is long and varied and spans three decades.  It’s full of heartache and heartbreak….untimely deaths, beautiful faces, amazing bodies, and plenty of sex, drugs and rock and roll.  Without further ado, I present to you my first loves.

My very first crush was at 7 years old.  Back then I was all about the California Highway Patrol.  CHiPS began in 1977 but I was far too young to be watching this show in ’77.

Vroom vroom…

By 1979, however, I was more than ready.  While all the other second grade girls loved Jon, the innocent looking, blonde, sexy, California boy, I was pining away for his swarthy partner: Office Frank Poncharello.  Ponch was awesome.  He was olive-skinned with  beautiful thick, dark hair; he  had a super white smile and looked crazy sexy on his motorcycle.  I wanted to ride on his motorcycle with him and feel the wind whip through my pigtails.  Really take a long hard look as this fine late 1970’s specimen.

Yeah I’m looking at you Ponch.


1977 also saw the advent of a little romance show called The Love Boat.  Let me just state for the record that this is quite possibly the best show ever.  Fantasy Island runs a close second, for sure, but The Love Boat was where it was at.  As an avid secret viewer of The Love Boat, it became my only point of reference in terms of what sex was.   From what I could tell, sex entailed making out, then falling on to the small cruise-ship-sized bed and then a combo of making out/rolling around on aforementioned bed.  By the end of the show the new couple would leave The Love Boat with their arms entwined, all smiley and head off into the real world to get married.  This coincided nicely with my long-term plans for old Ponch and I: we would make out, fall on the bed, roll around, go get married.  At the time it was a solid plan.

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