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An Officer and a Gentleman

In Movies on January 5, 2012 by Elle Severe

A few weeks back an email exchange between myself and two close friends brought to light that fact that one of them had never seen An Officer and Gentleman.  This was of great concern to me because An Officer and a Gentleman is on my personal list of Best Movies Ever.  I took this very personally and considered this to be an egregious enough of an offense that I leveled an ultimatum:

“You have precisely ONE WEEK to watch this movie and report back to us on why it’s one of the greatest movies ever.  I expect you to comment on how hot Richard Gere looks, the music, Debra Winger’s mad acting skillz, the best friend Lynette and most importantly, pick out some key, iconic quotes.  Make sure that within the next 7 days you are able to speak on these this cinematic masterpiece with knowledge and feeling.  And if you think I’m being too tough on you, be grateful that I’m not making you watch Terms of Endearment or Urban Cowboy too.  I feel sad that I have to do this, but now that I’m a parent, I know that sometimes you have to force people to do things FOR THEIR OWN GOOD.  Now get on Netflix and get you some classic 80’s.” Her response to my ultimatum:

“For the first time in 18 years I have homework. And for the first time in 25 years I’m going to do it.”

For the next seven days I obsessively checked my email for an update.  I wanted to see if this film touched her the way it touched me. Exactly on Day 7 I received an email with the subject line “Challenge accepted and completed”.  Inside was the following:

“Review: I bumped my usual Gilmore Girls dvd for An Officer and A Gentleman.  Seriously, watch it, they are so witty. Well, it had pretty much everything that the 80’s had to offer.  Cheesy music threaded throughout the movie, karate bullies and Filipino prostitutes.  I was back in junior high all over again only this time I was more focused because I wasn’t wondering if Albert Anderson liked me or not.  I’d like to bring attention to a few key words/phrases that I think should be brought back into my vocab, or added since I probably did not say these things…ever: Cherry boy, dick brain, sweet pea, sugar britches, bodacious tatas, you eyeballing me and skull fuck you to death.  Well, maybe not the last one but it did make me laugh in the right situation.  I actually hope to have the opportunity to ask people “Where have you been all your lives? An orgy??”.  A few of my thoughts: The half naked lady in the kitchen when Zack was little could put curlers in her hair but not underwear on? Why was the new recruit wearing a camera? Did he think it was a timeshare vacation? Richard Gere was hot.  Reminded me of a young Ryan Phillippe.  Loved that Paula and Lynette stopped in the middle of the lane to switch driving and not pull over…wouldn’t want to waste any time just for a little safety.  Putting buttons on boxers was a brilliant idea.  You can climb a wall just using a rope but you can’t shine a belt buckle? All and all I really liked it so much I watched it twice.   I loved the end and could picture you and Paul reenacting the awkward Lynette slow clap.  Nice.  Well worth the rental.  I always thought I would watch it someday just didn’t think that I would have a deadline.”

I was very happy that my friend had completed her assignment and I was doubly happy that she agreed with my assessment.  I told her she made my day.

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