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Dance For It: Panhandling Quality Continues to Lower

In Life, Musings, Rants on August 9, 2012 by Drew G.


When did being a beggar go from street-side dancing and good quality cardboard signs to knuckleheads sitting on a blanket shouting, “Hey bro, can I get me one of those Frito’s”?

Rule Number One: Be Funny

Where did the expectation of quality end up? Outside the ATM machine in Downtown Crossing at 9am.  Never saw that evolution coming, did you? No more polite, “Do you have any spare change”, or the good old fashioned, “Can you help me out”? Gone.

Rule Number Two: Be Honest

My all time favorite one we’ve all experienced came in two versions on the same track:

1. My car ran out of gas and I just need another $5 to get enough to get home.

2. I am trying to get back to Springfield and have almost enough for the bus ticket. Can you help me out?

Note the classic close on #2…these classics are far, far away now…

Rule Number Three: Be Current

Back to Downtown Crossing, 9am: I hit the ATM, pull $20 and roll out lost in thought with my headphones pumping out the sweet dulcet tones of Metallica when suddenly a hand touches my arm. WTF.

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