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Flag on the Play

In Rants, Sports on July 27, 2012 by K. Vargo

I’m a baseball fan.  I’m also from Boston so you know what that means, die-hard Red Sox fan.  Right now I live in Washington, DC; to satisfy my baseball cravings I go to a lot of games.  I have an issue.  My issue spans all baseball parks from Fenway to Safeco:

If you are going to a game, and the teams playing are the Nationals and the Mets, why the fuck are you wearing a Phillies jersey? Are you being defiant about the fact that you are at the game? Like “fine, I’ll go but I’m gonna make sure everyone here knows I am NOT a fan of either team playing.”

Come on guy.

Did you show up on the wrong day?

Were you just hoping that by wearing that team’s gear they might show up to play just for you?

And I am not discriminating here, Red Sox fans are not off the hook on this one. I hate it when people wear Sox gear to the Nationals games when they are not playing.  Whenever I see this I want to walk up to the person perpetrating this heinous offense and ask them directly, “you know the Sox aren’t playing, right? Okay, just wanted to be sure.”

And of course there are those that wear a Red Sox hat to a Patriots game or the Caps shirt to a Nats game.  I can’t decide if this is mildly insulting to the team that’s playing or if people do it to show some kind of allegiance.

You’d think I’d be over it being from Boston where people consider sports schwag to be a legitimate, and even optimal, wardrobe choice no matter the circumstance.   But no, it still gets under my skin when I see people wear a Bruins jersey to a Sox game and a Sox shirt to a Pats game and a Pats jersey to a Celtics game and Celtics tank to a Bruins game. Or any of the above to a wake.

Wear the right gear, or don’t wear any at all.



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