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On Music

In Life, Musings on August 9, 2012 by K. Vargo


I have a secret.  All my good friends think I know a lot about my music.  I don’t.   I do have friends that do.  They will tell me “that song is two chords”.  Then I have to feign disgust and be like, “Pfft. I know, right?”.  I don’t know shit about chords, and as my mother would say, “You’re like your father, you can’t carry a tune in a bucket”.  Even if it is a Momism, this is true.  One time, when I was little, my mother and I were in the car, she told me to pick out the drum beat from a song.  Fuck all.  This is when I learned my father only whistles for a few seconds because he only gets a few harmonies.  Same here.  Busted.

What music does for me is makes me feel.  Deeply.  My favorite songs are ones that evoke strong feelings.  I always say “scents and songs”; either one will bring you back to a snap shot in time.  When I smell Neutrogena shampoo, I’m in the sixth grade again.  Having this shampoo was a big deal, it was the clarifiying shampoo.  I got it for Christmas.  It was fancy and you were supposed to use it for two weeks so even though I have a ton of hair (hyperbole), I had to put a dime shaped amount in my palm and make that work.

Back to music.  I read once that listening to songs you love produce the same endorphins as sex.  I told my friends that explains why when I go home drunk and alone listen to music loud and on repeat.  They laughed; I wasn’t kidding.  I was listening to Gaslight Anthem the other day and I wanted to get up from my desk and yell, “Fuck all of you, I’m moving to Montana where men find me hot”, instead I stifled my yell and finished the meeting minutes I was working on.

Music allows me the life I don’t have.  Most of my friends have a lot more going for themselves than me (I’m trying to coin and trademark the opposite of guilt by association as I type).  What I share is my music.  I know they have access to music, but they get it from me.  That is what I bring.  A friend used to say, “bring it, don’t sing it”.  I won’t sing it since I can’t carry a tune, but I will bring it.

So don’t look to me because you want a chord breakdown of a song, but if you ask me for some new music, I usually have a few suggestions for something that might suit your mood.

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