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Past Loves of My Life, Part 2: 1980 to 1985, The Awakening

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Love that smile.

Boy he really made my little girlie bits tingle. His real name is Timothy Van Patten (we shall now refer to him as TVP) and he’s part of the big Van Patten Hollywood acting family. Little trivia for you: he is the half brother of Dick Van Patten. Who is Dick Van Patten you ask? DVP, as I shall now call him, was the Dad on Eight is Enough.  Remember that show? No? Google it; I don’t have time to recap every 80’s show you missed.  But you know I have time to drop some more trivia.  Here we go:  the Mom on Eight is Enough was originally played by the actress Diana Hyland.  Sadly, Diana passed away from an aggressive breast cancer and was only shown in the pilot episode.  Now hold on to your hats, this is where shit gets crazy, take one guess as to who guess who Diana Hyland’s lover was at the time of her death: one young Mr. John Travolta.  Guess what Mr. Travolta was filming at the time of her death? Saturday Night Fever, one of the greatest movies ever made, EVER.  No arguing this.  Well, not with me anyway.  So when you watch that movie and you see his pain, and then you feel his pain, that shit is real.  And there you go.  Back to TVP, he was born in Brooklyn but grew up in Massapequa, NY, hometown of…the brothers Baldwin! (Do I even have to tell you that Alec makes the list sometime in the 90’s? Yeah you already knew it, I love a heavy older guy, this is probably due to my Elvis fetish, see Past Loves Part 1 for reference).  TVP has gone on from the White Shadow to enjoy a very long, lucrative career in Hollywood.  He is a writer, a producer and a director.  Here’s just a small sampling of what he has directed recently: Sopranos, Rome, Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.  My boy Salami has done well for himself.  I knew he would.  And so did Coach. Good for him.  He made it out of the ghetto.  Coach would be so proud.  I know I am.


Sometime around 1982 a show came on the air about a spoiled rich kid with an awesome train that ran through his house.  This little show was called Silver Spoons and starred Ricky Schroeder.  I never had the hots for him, but I sure did like his best friend.   I had an early                                                                       weakness for bad boys.  Even if they were only 12.

Recognize this little rascal?

How about now:

Handsome fella.

What Jason lacks in an upper lip he makes up in charm.  He’s good looking, been around a long time and he strikes me a decent human being.  Plus, he was the lead character on Arrested Development.  Anyone on Arrested Development is aces in my book.  I always forget how much I like him.  He’s the type of guy that when I settle on the couch and pop on HBO, if there is something with him in it, I’ll watch it.  Even if it’s horrible, like say, Couples Retreat.  I do believe he’s sober; I recall him saying that he may have had an issue with alcohol and blackouts.  He’s married to Paul Anka’s daughter.  And no, I’m not going to explain to you who Paul Anka is; Google that too while you’re looking up Eight is Enough.  I think of Jason as being giving and fun in bed, don’t you?

Next up was one Mr. Mark Harmon.  Yum yum yummy.

I need a physical. STAT.

Mark first came to my attention on a show called St. Elsewhere playing Dr. Bobby Caldwell.    Would you like to take a guess as to who was the executive producer of St. Elsewhere? Once again, Mr. Bruce Paltrow, or as I like to call him, Gwynnie’s Dad.  The 1980’s were good to the Paltrow family.

Bobby Caldwell was a playboy plastic surgeon at a fictional hospital set in Boston called St. Eligius. This guy was the original McDreamy.  He was McDreamy before McDreamy was ever McThought of.  Mark Harmon’s portrayal of the sexy and promiscuous Bobby Caldwell got my blood pumpin’ and at the very end of St. Elsewhere when he was diagnosed with a new virus called HIV, I was DEVASTATED.   Thankfully Mark Harmon the person lives on, let’s take a quick peek at this handsome man:

Yes please.

St. Elsewhere was the original medical drama.  Long before ER and Chicago Hope and Grey’s Anatomy, this show was doing it and doing it right.  It was had a huge ensemble cast consisting of people like Howie Mandel and Ed Begley Jr. and one Mr. Denzel Washington.  This show was part of the early 1980’s hour long drama genre that spawned such amazing shows as Hill Street Blues and LA Law and I dare say shows like Miami Vice wouldn’t have existed if not for the success of these earlier shows.

Oh you don’t say?

I think he’s looking pretty good these days.

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