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Quick and Dirty Survivor Recap: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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So there was a clear target in Brad.  He has played a remarkable game bt dubs.  He’s been competitive.  He’s made connections with people.  He has shown vulnerability in talking about how proud he is of his wife.  (For some reason, people like it when you show vulnerability.)  This would be a good time to get him out.  But no, it seems that Andrea and Sarah are now plotting against each other.  Long story short, Andrea is voted out.  I thought Andrea played a decent game whereas last time she played, (she may have played twice?) she was a non-factor.  It’s always tough to lose an attractive player on Survivor.  Bye Andrea.

Aubry was again not clued in on the decision to vote out Andrea which led to some waterworks for her back at camp.  Too much vulnerability if you ask me!  If I allowed myself to really think about how overwhelming everything is and how little hope I have for the future, I’d cry myself to sleep every night but you don’t see me burdening everyone with this, do you?  Oops.  LOL!  Anyway, Aubry was consoled by Tai who is in very in touch with people’s emotions.  Cirie observes this and suddenly there is a target on Tai.  No one is safe!

I don’t quite know what to say about Tai other than he has been very good at finding hidden immunity idols.  He’s not really capable of guile so I’m not sure what he’s doing in the game of Survivor.  But he does have two immunity idols so right now he should be in good shape.  If I remember correctly from the last time he played, he did make it to the final three but his game had so little respect from the other players, he didn’t get a single vote.

My recollection is a little spotty her but the gist of it is Aubry seems to start gunning for Sarah and Cirie begins to play both sides with Tai and Sarah.  Sarah confides in Cirie that she got an advantage from Sierra and in a bid to cement Cirie’s trust, offers to let Cirie hold it until the next immunity!  So just to further recap, last week Sierra let’s Sarah know about an advantage to garner trust and then is promptly voted out and now we have Sarah the next week doing the exact same thing!  Lord have mercy.  Do people ever learn?

Ok, let’s take an inventory of the people still in camp.

1.  Michaela.  Michaela has been entertaining this season as she was the last season.  Last season, she was amazing at challenges and she was blindsided foolishly by her someone in her millennial alliance.   Had she not been voted out at that spot, I think she would have gotten very far.  This season, she has worn her heart on her sleeve and been tempestuous.  Still awesome at challenges but she has annoyed almost everyone at camp.  Cirie tried to mentor her and get her to calm down but as is often the case in life, kids always think they know better and she basically kept playing the way she was playing before.

2. Brad.  I already spoke about Brad but I should also mention that in this point in my recap, Brad had already won a very entertaining immunity challenge.  The end had a puzzle and it looked like Michaela had won but something was a little off so she didn’t.  If you’re reading this, then you already know what happens later.  But I can’t tell you how many times in Survivor that someone is super super close to winning immunity only to be the next person voted off.  That is brutal.

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