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Quick and Dirty Survivor Recap: Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow

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Or at least, she tries to play it.  Sarah’s like, “you can’t play that.  It’s non-transferable.  Read the bottom of it!”  Sarah with the eye for detail I was telling you about earlier, spotted key language.  So in actuality, letting Cirie hold the advantage really did nothing.  There was some back and forth and Jeff confirmed it.  Cirie was busted.  There was a good amount of backpeddling as she tried to convince Sarah that she was going to use it for her benefit.  Then one of my favorite things of this season happened.  Sarah went over and spoke in Tai’s ear.  I don’t think before this season there was any tribal council whispering in ears and maneuvering but it’s happened a lot this season and it’s been awesome.  Then other parties starting whispering.  Tai did this thing where he grabbed someone’s face which was a little too intimate for my taste.  Anyway, Sarah ended up playing her advantage and stealing someone’s vote.  I don’t remember whose actually  but I don’t think it really matters.  The voting happens.  Then people sit back down and Jeff says, “If anyone has a hidden immunity and they wish to use it, now is the time.”  Everybody in the gd world is waiting for Tai to play one of his two immunity idols.  But Tai who must have brass balls, elects not to use his immunity.  If he gets voted out, he would go down in history as one of the worst players in Survivor history.  People have gone home with immunity idols before.  I mentioned dummy JT.  James who played with Amber of Boston Rob and Amber fame also has gone home with two idols.  But Tai elects not to play his and is rewarded.  Michaela was voted out.  Sarah used her two votes for her.  I don’t understand the reasoning of voting out Michaela.  She would have been a good person to take to the end.  The only thing I can think of is they wanted to split the votes between her and Aubry in case there was an idol in play but why not vote out Cirie?  Perhaps because she’s less of a challenge threat?  In any case, voting out Michaela hurt Cirie because I think Michaela would have followed her into a burning building.  She wouldn’t do something as helpful as accepting practical advice to calm down but she would have followed her into a burning building.  This was proposed to me by one of my readers when he found out I was doing a recap and was over the moon.   “Does Cirie’s move replace Eric giving up his immunity and then being voted out” as stupidest move ever?”   In my opinion, Eric aka Soggy Mop made the worst move in Survivor history.  That one also involving Cirie!  He was tricked into giving up his immunity and was immediately voted off.  What Cirie is guilty of here is not playing to her strengths.  We know her to be a very intelligent player and not as a physical threat.  It is simply unacceptable for her to not read the fine print on that advantage.  She totally screwed her game up.  Losing Michaela is a nightmare.  However, she’s still there.  She still has a chance to make it the final three.  Whether or not she has a chance to win is yet to be decided.  Soggy Mop was immediately out and will live in infamy.

The season will be coming to a close soon.  On Wednesday I believe and I think it’s a two way race between Sarah and Brad.  I think everyone else thinks they are a player but they are just bit parts in this season.  But crazy things have happened in the past so who knows?

Ok, hope you enjoyed the recap.  These take too long and I don’t like the quality of this so I’m not sure if you’ll hear from me again this season.  But please feel free to make comments in the facebook post and if I get an entertaining return on investment, I might consider finding the time for another.





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