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Survivor: Blood versus Water 2, Electric Boogaloo

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The tribes were split up and the game was on.

There was some banter and some posturing with many saying “Bring it on” when confronted with fact that they’ll be squaring up against their loved one.  Then the fireman Jeremy volunteered to represent his tribe in the challenge.  Now there are times in life when you should volunteer for things.  Survivor is not one of them.  As soon as he said, “I should do this,” I knew that it wouldn’t be good.  When asked who he thought he’d go up against, he said, “I don’t care who I go up against!”  Really?  Are you sure about that?  Well as it turns out, he’d have to go up against his wife in the reward challenge with the loser going to Exile Island. He handily beat her but she was scrappy and took it in stride.  Then Jeremy had to choose who’d go with her to exile.  He chose the Louisiana father who we’d find out later also happens to be a fireman as well.  He said he chose the father because he seems like an outdoors-man.  Jeff reminded him that he lost the flint to which Jeremy replied, “That was the son’s fault!”    Later, he seemed to be depressed that he put his wife in that position by volunteering.  I would never go onto Survivor with my wife.  I’m in the dog house enough!  Also, don’t you remember the last time this happened?

I know that look very well!

But one of the Twinnies tried to give Jeremy solace.  “No one saw that coming, man.”  hahahaha.

Farmer Dale makes a fire.

Dale ends up breaking his glassess so that he can double up the lenses and get a fire going.  He does it and is the hero of the tribe.  He seems to think that will buy him some goodwill from the tribe.  One thing I’ve found in life and in Survivor is that you’re only as appreciated as long as you serve a purpose.  Eventually, the tribe will get flint.

Police officer Val finds a clue to an idol.

Val and Louisiana father each picked out of an urn and one would get a clue to an idol.  The Louisiana father who is named either Keith or Wes drew a blank and Val got the clue.  Val didn’t share but the father didn’t seem too concerned about it, believing Val when she said it had something to do with just her camp.

 The Louisiana son, Wes figures out that John is John Rocker. 

Listening to them talk hurt my brain and soul.   I’m ok, guys, thanks.  But that was painful.  John said he knew that someone would figure out who he is but then he says that he will consider voting Wes out if he has the chance.  They’re just the good old boys.  Never meaning no harm.  Been in trouble with the law ever since the day they were born.

Sad comments from Jon.

I’m not going to recap every single detail about this episode or any other episode.  Also, I will probably keep it lighthearted and mocking.  However, I do want to address something that Jon shared.  He said that before he left, he found out that his father had incurable cancer and that it was tough for him to go on Survivor because he doesn’t know how much time he has left.  I don’t know how he could bring himself to go on the show for 39 days.  Last year, I lost someone very close to me from cancer and looking back, every moment spent was precious.  Sometimes, when I dream, I get to spend a few extra moments with them which are always cut too short.  I’d give anything to go back and just sit with them and talk to them about nothing or say one more time what they meant to me.  So my heart goes out to Jon but I just don’t understand how he could leave for 39 days.  Money is nothing compared to being able to spend time with your family in this case.  I applaud his commitment to chasing his dream to be on Survivor but I have to believe that regardless of what happens, he will regret missing this time with his father.  You always think you have more time than you do.  Sad face from here to eternity.

 Immunity Challenge!

I love a nice immunity challenge but not as much when I don’t have a horse in the race. Although I feel for Jon, I’m not quite rooting for anyone at this point.  I do like the Foxboro couple.  However, they are on opposite teams so it makes it hard to root for either team at this point.  But it’s a close challenge.  One team is up and almost literally being carried by John Rocker.  Then the other team wins!  The losing team is John Rocker, Dale the firestarter, one of the twinnies (lol), one of the sibling rivals with the long hair, the more likeable one from the Spiderman couple, Val the Boston cop, the daughter who had to raise her mother and Wes, the Louisiana son.  One of these guys is going home.  As they all walk away, they cut to Dale the Firestarter who says that he may not be at risk because he started the fire, resting on his fire starting laurels.  But then he says you never know. This may seem like forshadowing but this is a Mark Burnett Joint so Dale is probably safe.

Keith the Louisiana father joins his tribe.

Keith gets assimilated with his tribe.  Jeremy says that he owes Keith for taking care of his wife.  Hmmm, I wonder how this will play out some day.

Dale the firestarter starts to talk strategy.

He targets the twinnie on his team because she has u-turned on the Amazing Race and has experience turning on people.  I don’t like Dale too much but I’m thankful that he’s thinking of getting rid of one of the twinnies.  Next, he mentions Val who hasn’t had a chance to align with anyone.  This is why Jeremy should have kept his trap shut earlier.  He put his wife in a tough spot from the get go.  Josh mentions that he’s thankful that someone has come to him.

Twinnie is in an alliance.  

Twinnie starts talking to Josh and refers to him as one of the girls, not realizing this could be offensive to him.   He’s not Colton who used to refer to himself as one of the girls.  Sorry I brought up Colton but I did want to have a moment of silence for Colton’s boyfriend, Caleb who passed away a few months ago in a railway incident.  He was nothing short of awesome and may he rest in peace.

Back to the game, Josh also mentions that he’s thankful that twinnie has come to him.

Val says that she wants to make history and make an all girl alliance.

That has never happened before, has it?

Then the girls realize they need a 5th person to join them.  One of the twinnies, let’s say Natalie says that she has Josh.  Also, again she refers to him as one of the girls.  I would prefer it if she referred to him as “girlfriend” as in “Hey girlfriend.  Hey….”   But anyway, it seems that Josh has set himself up as some kind of swing vote.

Then I see the girls talk about targeting Dale the Firestarter.


Ok, this is the part of the recap where I admit to falling asleep.  I usually watch Survivor live because I always run into a problem where people don’t f’ing understand what a spoiler is.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve set my DVR due to some other obligation, only to glance at my phone and see someone has posted, “I CAN’T BELIEVE WHAT JUST HAPPENED ON SURVIVOR!”  Guess what, asshole?  That is a spoiler.  Now I know that there is Oh fuck moment in the show I’m going to watch so I have to keep waiting for it.  There are so little surprises in life.  Everyone please keep your cake hole shut until you know the person you’re talking to has watched the show!  Anyway, I didn’t get to watch Survivor live because I was waiting for my wife to get home.  Normally Survivor is appointment television but life has been so busy lately that you take whatever alone time you can get.  So whenever she goes and leaves me with the kids, I try not to say anything.  I just quietly pray that she will eventually return and doesn’t leave me with those two malcontents.  So I didn’t start watching until like 10:00.  Then I started dozing off towards the end.  In my defense, this episode was not all that exciting.  So I’ve created a new segment that I will call “Surmiser.” This is cool because it sounds like Survivor.  This is the part where where I try to guess who got voted off based on what knowledge I have at that point. Ok, so I listed all of the people who will be going to tribal council.  I mentioned that it seems to be divided between men and women with the women being outnumbered by 1.  The obvious targets are Dale, Twinnie and Val so I’m going to choose from these three.

I know that the editing has lead me to believe that it will be Dale who goes home but as was said in the Princess Bride, only a great fool would reach for what he was given.  I’m am not a great fool so I can clearly not choose the wine in front of you.  Dale is safe.

That leaves Twinnie and Val.   This is tough.  Twinnie’s is so annoying, it burns with the intensity of a thousand suns.  However, poor Val never really got a chance to gel with the group.  Also, I have often seen this dynamic where anytime is sent to exile or redemption island, the group is quite comfortable in voting them out come tribal council time.  That being said, I think it will be Val who is voted out.  I don’t like it but that’s my guess.

I’m going to go watch it now.  I’ll see you next week, assuming I have time.  This is time consuming bros.  But thanks for reading.


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  1. Stacey says:

    Loved it. What you said about Keith and Wes made me laugh out loud because it is true. And the twins. Absolutely agree with you.

    • Pabby MFNP says:

      Thanks Stacey! Don’t mean to toot my own horn, but the part about spiderman falling into the audience made me cause myself to laugh at loud when I read it later.

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