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Survivor Recap: Beginning of the End

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“This is the end.  My beautiful friend.  This is the end.”  -The Doors

 Whenever the end of each Survivor season rolls around, it always too early for me.  I always enjoy pretty much every minute of every episode and that has been the case this season, even if you consider the scenes with Shamar.  But as the title of the episode suggests, the end is near.  Also, it is already less exciting without Malcolm there.  I hate when my favorite players get voted out. 

I wish I were self-confident enough to wear a towel on my head like this. Anyway, good bye, Malcolm. You were no Ozzy but you were a reasonable facsimile.

Eddie speaks and dumb words come out.

Eddie remarks about how he’s still here and I think “Not for long, bro.”  Even if people keep him around, he doesn’t have much of a chance.  He reminds me of Soggy Mop Erik in that way.

Cochran continues to talk a big game.

In previous recaps, I mentioned how much I enjoyed Cochran’s bravado.  But today it seems to have started to wear on me.  When he said something like “I fear that I’m turning into something that would scare my mother,” I started to think that perhaps he’s pushing things a little too far.  I think he might have even said, “Whoever wants immunity has to go through Cochran” but I could have been dreaming.

Soggy Mop main contribution continues to be to make weird comments and to think he’s a player in this game.

When Soggy Mop found out that it would be an immunity challenge right away, he said, “I thought it was reward, maybe.”  Ok, Soggy Mop.  Go wring yourself out and mimick a coconut tree.

People drop out of the immunity challenge even though a million gd dollars are on the line.

Ok, so the immunity challenge consisted of balancing on a triangle type thing in the water while the wind and waves constantly threaten to knock you over and it gets progressively worse.  After a little while, Jeff offers donuts and milk to the first person to voluntarily leave the challenge.  Well, who should volunteer?  But Dumb Dumb Eddie!  WTF, Eddie!  You do realize how much money is on the line, right?  That’s one thing that gets my goat.  When people go on Survivor and don’t give it everything they have.  I understand people become starving but by giving their immediate hunger, they often nullify all of the sacrifices they made prior to that like assholes.  As for Eddie and the donuts, they weren’t even Boston Creme.

Oh baby, you’re worth a million. At least until after I’ve eaten you and you do a figure four leg lock on my intestines. Mmmm so good, though.

But back to Eddie, maybe Eddie is the smartest of them all.  Maybe he wanted everyone to think he was stupid enough to take donuts over a million bucks and he’s going to make a big power move next week?  Just kidding, Eddie’s a moron.  He and Sherry can say adios soon.

Then Cochran quits, too.

I hadn’t gotten over Eddie being a Dumb Dumb when Cochran does the same thing for hot dogs and soda.  He tries to get the blessing of his alliance but they look at him as if to say, “No, you can’t have our blessing, you tall lanky p*ssy!”  Cochran and Eddie would both later explain that they quite because couldn’t hold on for much longer.  Well if that is the case, you hold on until you can’t hold any more and then you fall off.  If you are going to go on Survivor, that is the only way to do it.  At least if you want to have any of my respect.  I don’t think anyone’s playing for that which is good because many of them ain’t getting it. 

Brenda returns to form.

The episode started with a recap and it mostly consisted of Brenda crying followed by other shots of Brenda crying.  So I was glad to see that she got her mojo back this episode and stopped crying and worked on making me fall in love again.  She was off to a good start because the way she was balancing, it looked like she was dancing.

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