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What It’s Like To Quit Drinking

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“It seems that you’ve been living two lives……One of these lives has a future and one of them does not.”   -Agent Smith in The Matrix.  Also, my wife on the morning after my last night of drinking.

I am creeping up on my 9th anniversary since I last had a Corona.  I can’t figure out what the exact date was that I had my last beer, even though I have repeatedly researched it and tried to piece it all together.  That’s a good indication of how much I drank that night.  But I know that it’s sometime around August 20th, 2003.  A day that will live forever in infamy.  Well, not really.  I like to think that this is the day that I was set free, even if a certain part of me was put under lock and key.

Many people have asked me what it’s like to quit drinking.  Well, here is a question and answer session that I had with myself.

Q:  How were you able to stop drinking?  It really is a magnificent feat for someone such as you from Dorchester.
A:  Thank you.  The twelve steps were a big help.  Also, I couldn’t have done it without all of the love and support from my family and friends.

Q:  Did you follow all 12 steps?
A:  No, unfortunately, I skipped some of the steps and created some of my own such as crying myself to sleep and scowling all the time.

Q:  What was the hardest part of quitting?
A:  I would have to say Corona commercials which seemed to be specially designed to mock me.  Also, the overwhelming feeling that I’m constantly on the outside looking in at everything.

Q:  Is there a commercial that you can relate to this?
A:  Yes, the one that went “He can’t play like the other kids, he has asthma.”

Q:  What is that you miss the most about drinking?
A:  Tailgate parties and being an absolute mess at sporting events.

Q:  What is the most rewarding part of it?
A:  That I’m a good role model for my kids in at least one but very important way.

Q:  Do you think your kids appreciate it?
A:  No, they are a-holes.  But maybe someday they will.

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4 Responses to “What It’s Like To Quit Drinking”

  1. Ryan says:

    This is hilarious and yet answers so many questions for me about the non-drinking set. I also enjoy that you felt the need to specify that you were quoting Cake’s version of “I Will Survive,” when the quote applies to either. Completely unnecessary, and I would have done the exact same thing.

  2. Ali says:

    I love that you interviewed yourself and at one point you refuse to answer the question. Great stuff.. Back in the day I would’ve made sure you were always around so my drinking could appear classy and dignified. So glad you’ve made this journey. You will survive–happy anniversary.

  3. Brighton says:

    You had me at cupcakes.

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